Friday, December 11, 2009

The BBS - Best Big Sister that is!

Do you have a little brother or sister that drives you crazy? Maybe they’re going through that stage where even though they’re eleven they talk like they’re four? Are all of their questions pushing your buttons? “Can I borrow your straightener?” “ Can I hang out with you and your friends?” “Will you give me a ride to my friend’s house?”

Well, I have a confession to make: I was once the annoying little sister. In fact, I was the annoying little sister to six sisters and brothers! But you know what? They didn’t make me feel like I was. In fact, I felt just the opposite.

My closest sister in age is Janet, who is five years older than me. When I was little, I wanted to be just like her; I thought she was so cool! Janet was on the cross country and track team at school. She got along great with my parents. She was a leader in our youth group. She had a cute Christian boyfriend. She didn’t party or get into trouble and she was nice to me! What a great big sister!

I’m not sure if Janet was being intentional or not, but she had a huge influence in my life. She often gave me great advice, “Lynn, don’t party; it’s not worth it”. “Save yourself for the man that you will marry one day; it will be worth it.” Not only did Janet give great advice, she lived it out. She didn’t tell me one thing and live another. In fact, I believe it is because of her example of getting married as a virgin that I was able to do the same! Janet’s life made me want to copy her.

How about you? Are you aware that your little sisters and brothers are watching you, listening to you, copying you? Whether you know it or not, they are and like Janet, you have the opportunity to influence them either for good or bad.

So what are some ways that you can be intentional about influencing your siblings for good?

1) Do a Bible study together. Pick out a study that is a great fit for the two of you (if you need some help, ask an adult you respect) and set aside an hour or so once a week to study God’s word together. This one will produce great results for both of you!

2) If you have a little sister, take her shopping and help her to choose clothes that are modest. Just like you, your little sis is surrounded by those who have less than godly ideas of what looks terrific! Demonstrate to your sister that you can look great and glorify God too!

3) Recommend Christian music for her MP3 player. When I find a great band, I share it with my friends; they are always glad to hear about a great new group. Your sibling is the same. When you loading up your MP3, recommend it to your sibling too!

4) When your brother or sister is getting caught up in school drama, give a godly perspective. It probably wasn’t too long ago that you were in the same boat. Help them to work out their relationship struggles, using God’s word for advice.

5) Help your sibling become eternity minded. So many things in life really don’t matter in light of eternity. When your brother or sister is having trouble at school or on the ball field, help them out by reminding them this stuff is only temporary!

6) Demonstrate for them how to respect your parents. They may have friends who don’t honor their parents; be a positive example!

7) Recommend some great books you have read. Libraries and bookstores are loaded with all kinds of books; some good and some not! Point your sibling to books that is not only good, but good for them!

8) Encourage your brother or sister to get involved in a small group at church or Christian school club where they can grow in their faith. If you’re close to the same age, ask them to come with you!

9) Take some time to do something with your brother and sister that they like to do. If they are younger than you, get on the floor and play Legos! If they are older, ask them what they would like to do and then carve out time just for them. You’ll be demonstrating unselfishness!

10) Lastly, pray with your sibling. Nothing can be more powerful than to hear someone you look up to praying for you.

I hope this gives you some great ideas on how you can be a positive role model for your sibling. You never know, maybe one day your sibling will be writing an article about you!

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