Friday, May 14, 2010

Right On Time

The screaming and whining could be heard all over the store. “But, Mommy, I want that one!” Passing by the toy department, I spotted the culprit. A little girl; I’d guess she was about 3 years old, was pitching a fit. Pointing to the beautiful china doll on the top shelf, she cried out again. “But, Mommy, I want that one!” I heard the mother trying to reason with her. “You really are not ready for that doll, honey. We need to pick a different one.” “I don’t want a different one! I want that one!” The child didn’t understand, or care, that the one she wanted was not the best doll for her. She just liked the way that it looked from afar and that was all that mattered.

My parents once gave me a gift I can still remember when I turned 16. On that sweet sixteen birthday, my parents gave me a unique keychain with a key to their car. I loved it! That key represented freedom; independence. Exactly what I was craving at that time! They took the time to pick out something they knew I would like. They planned ahead to have the key made. It was the right gift at the right time.

If, however, my parents had given me that exact same gift when I was 6, it would have been very strange; inappropriate even. At 6, I would have wondered what it was for. I wouldn’t have even known how to use it! My parents knew what to give and when to give it.

In James 1:17 we are told that God our Father gives good gifts to us, His children. Not only does He give good gifts, but He knows perfectly what to give and when to give it. His gifts are not spur of the moment because He forgot that a special day was on its way. His gifts are all about perfect timing.

When I was five, I couldn't reach my jacket that was hanging on the last peg just above the cement steps that led to our basement. I called out for help, but just refused to wait. A tumble down those steps produced a black eye that stayed with me for a very long time.I didn't trust that those who loved me would come and do what I needed when I wanted it.

The key is, can we wait patiently, all the while trusting that, in fact, His timing is perfect? Can we trust that He has our best in mind and is all the while working on our behalf?

Sometimes we are just like the 5 year old me. We grow impatient waiting for God’s gift. We want the gift and we want it now. So we make the mistake of trying to get the gift by ourselves. Have you ever tried to get something by yourself? Are you tempted, like me, to go and get it any way, even if there is a possibility that if it doesn't go just right you could end up with way more than a black eye?

There are times, with all of our prayers, (if we would admit it, maybe we are a bit like the screaming and whining child) He seems to be saying “no” or at least saying “not now”. It is here, in the place where our desires intersect His will, that we have to trust. It is here that we must trust that Father knows best and that every gift comes from the Father. Every time, in His time, the gift is good and it is perfect.

I have seen God's perfect gifts in my life as I have waited on Him. Waited on Him for a husband. Waited on Him to open doors for ministry. Waited on Him to draw my kids to Himself. Lord, I see my history with You. I'm going to choose to keep on waiting for your good and perfect gift.

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Heart2Heart said...

Please help me spread the word of a sister in Christ who so desperately needs help with a limited amount of time left.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat