Monday, October 6, 2008

Motel 6 - Just Passing Through

Not too long ago, I took a plane trip. Shortly after I got on the plane, I settled in. I hung up my curtains, put up my family picture, rolled out a rug, plugged in my tv, computer and phone and hung up my clothes. Ridiculous hun?

I was thinking this morning as I was preparing to speak at a teen event in a couple of weeks, that this is exactly what lots of us are doing in this life. We are "settling" in on this planet as if this is our final destination. Our daily routines reflect this. The amount of time we spend watching TV and on the computer reflects this. Our plans for the weekend reflect this. But if we truly believe that heaven is our home, than this place really needs to be seen as the temporary passage that it is.

Greg and I have carpet in our upstairs that is 12 years old. As you can imagine, with 3 kids growing up here and countless others who have called it "home" over the years, it is one sorry sight. We have had plans to replace this fall, but are rethinking those plans. In the long run, is it really very important? Sometimes, I really need to take a step back and ask myself that question. In light of eternity, who really cares if my carpet is worn out?

Today, let's look at our lives and ask ourselves: Does my life reflect the fact that I am just passing through? If not, Lord, show me today how you want me to change and then give me the strength to store up my treasures in heaven and not here on earth. What can you do today that will impact eternity? Ask the Lord for an idea - He is sure to have plenty!

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