Monday, October 20, 2008

'Rents...Can't Live With Them? Can't Live Without Them!

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So, let's just admit it. This stage of live is way hard! You want to make your own decisions; do your own thing, yet you don't have what it takes to do that. You still need your parent's home, car, food, you know, the basics. Hopefully, you also want more than that. Hopefully, you also want to get along with your parents and enjoy these last few years you have together before you are on your own!

Let me take a couple of moments, as the mom on the other side with three teenagers to give you some pointers on what goes a long way with me. Maybe you will find some similarities that will help you in your relationships as well.

1) Be respectful.
My kids and I cut up all the time. I try to understand their language, what they find is funny and even am the brunt of their teasing now and then. It is important to me, though, that they know where I draw the line. One line, for instance, is in correcting me. I don't mind if my child shares with me something she sees is wrong, as long as it is done with respect and not in front of others!

2) Be real.
Perfection is above us all and it is definitely above me and my family. Mistakes and bad choices are bound to happen; we're human. Just tell the truth when it does and then we can all go from there.

3) Be relational.
I get that my kids have friends. They have plans and stuff they need to do like homework, sports and jobs, but when they are home, I want to spend time with them, too. When I ask them how their day is, I would like to hear more than a grunt! When you have some time, step out of your world and step into your parents for a few minutes and talk about your day. It doesn't have to be deep (at least not at first if you don't want), just start talking. I think you will find this will go a long way toward developing a better relationship.

I hope these ideas help! I would LOVE to hear some more from you. Would you take a minute, click comments below and tell me what you do to try to get along with your family better? Thanks! I can't wait to hear from you!

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Charlotte said...

Thanks Lynn, I have 4 son's 14, <13, <11 and 5. I really need some wisdom and reminders right now.