Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pray, Pray, Pray

For those joining me today from the Proverbs 31 devo, welcome! I just remembered that this devotion was coming out today while I was swimming laps... and praying! The Word says to pray without ceasing, so I like to take it literary.

I would love to hear from you on what you do to remind yourself to pray through the day! Many of the ways I pray today I learned from others. Praying for the person whose laundry I am folding as I fold it. Pray for the hurting person as the fire truck or ambulance drives by. Pray for my children as I drive them to school. I also enjoy surrounding myself with sounds that remind me of Him: worship music, sermons that I downloaded or Christian talk radio shows. Sometimes, when all is quiet, I am reminded of Him; His incredible presence always with me.

One thing I have learned: praying has to be intentional. Our mind, through out the day, will naturally gravitate toward our busyness: kids to be taken care of, laundry to do, the next meal to prepare, or work that needs our attention. Martin Luther once said, "I have so much to do today, I need to spend the first three hours in prayer". What a perspective!
As you look at your to-do list today, purpose to steal away moments with Him. Moments of purposeful quiet and moments in the crazy chaos. "Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. " James 5:16 (NIV)
Have a prayer-filled day...He can't wait to hear from you!



Anonymous said...

Loved your P31 devotion for today. It really spoke to my heart about following my own desires and not obeying the Lord. Thank you for sharing!

dusty said...'re SO right!! Lots of my friends once they visited my website? said oh D...i don't have time to pray!!! No time????
we make time for TV shows!! we make time to check our inbox!! we make time to do all sorts of things we want to do!! If we wait to have time to pray..well...
Reminders are a great idea!
Love the one your friend uses...dry erase markers on the cool is that! Proverbs 31 email has added so much to my daily walk with Him...
i print them all out and save them in a binder to read and re-read!!
i'm also signing up a friend of mine who's having a real hard time right now!! God bless you and the others for all you do!!

Laurie Ann said...

I really enjoyed the devotion for the day. Setting an alarm is a great idea! I think for me it would help to set up a notification in my email. I work outside the home and every time I leave my desk to go on break or lunch I pray. It's just a reminder to me because I spend so much time in my office focused on other things...

Oh Dear said...

I love the triggers to pray. I am home with 3 children. We pray everytime we see 333 (our 5 year old loves this) from Jeremiah 33:3.
It happens to be our house # so it is hard for us to miss the opportunity! I am thinking whenever I see curls, pray for our daughter and red heads-trigger prayers for our red heads! Not to mention all of their interest that would spark a prayer. Wow! Thanks for getting me thinking on this one!